Connectify Hotspot Crack

The Connectify Hotspot Crack Version is helping software that provides you great function for share your internet connection to other devices. This software very easy in use and make your PC Wi-Fi device with easy connectivity tools. With this utility software you can share your internet connection all common devices like Mac book, smart phones and tablet android operating system. You can also share your LAN connection to other PC within specific range. Peoples use this software as Wi-Fi router to create many connection sharing routes for spreading more their network area. It’s totally secured and have strong protection passcode system. The Connectify Hotspot Pro full version provides enough feature in which you can share internet connection among our family and friends.

You can also easily share your Wi-Fi connection with your office colleagues. Just one click and provide authentication for sharing to another person quickly. In this you can generate and set the route with long Wi-Fi signals range. Your classmates and friends can find these indications from an-extensive distance, and it works fine without creating any badly-behave or breakage of any signal.So that had very user-friendly interface with all-time auto updated version featuring. Its works smoothly even many connections connected in same time.

Reliable source of WiFi sharing:

That is very easy and secure source of WiFi connection sharing as well as all function accurate functioning. Its all features and function are authorize so working smoothly with one click. You can share WiFi connection to many devices with same internet speed due to software built in balance feature. Your main admin device have password with strong security so no any one access without your permission. More over, this software works on all types of window operating system like Windows 8, 8.1, 10, 7, Vista and window XP. Other hand Connectify Pro offers firewall controls for connected devices to block and give access to the specific network as well as support for custom IP and DHCP Controls.

The full version of Connectify hotspot Pro also useful for professional user of internet due to his security and speed performance. With this you can also share 3G or 4G internet connection to your friends or co-workers with fully security and speedy output. You can also get many paid software in free form or version from here.

Key Features of Connectify Hotspot Crack Version:

  • Easy to operate and most reliable source of internet connection sharing.
  • Light in weight so less burden on Processor and smooth running all operating system.
  • Set own hotspot name with any time changing option.
  • Secure and safe pas code system maintain your strong security.
  • Very easy in download and install your computer.

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