How To Take Screenshots On Win 10 PC With Snipping Tool key

The following screen capture tools and operations will be very helpful to you. It does not just save memorable moments, or as evidence for any event.

Screen Shorts is one of the most important features in the process of using your computer. And is indispensable software after installing the computer. Moreover, the screen capture operations in win 10 are also very simple and easy.

The simplest first thing is that you press the key combination Window + PrntScr similar to win 7,8, it will capture all the open windows and screens and automatically save them to screenshots in picture. But to capture an angle or a part of the screen requires some other tools.

Method 1:

Take a picture of the computer screen using the Snipping Tool

Step 1:

Click on the windows icon then at the icon with the magnifying glass, enter the keyword Snipping Tool into the search box on the Taskbar
and select the tool Snipping Tool in search results.

At this point, the Snipping Tool will be opened, it will have an interface that is a small working window containing functions to assist the user to save things worth storing on the computer.

At the application’s interface, press the New button to create a new, cross-shaped mouse pointer for the user to drag the mouse over the image you want to capture.

Besides, more complete snipping tool of win7.8. It also gives you options such as Free-Form Snip (Free drawing interface) or Rectangular Snip (Take any photo by drawing shapes rectangular).

Like Windows Snip (Capture all screen except Taskbar) and finally Full-Sreen Snip (Windows 10 Full Screen Capture)
In addition, the clock icon with delay function helps you to set up to automatically take pictures. Display after a preset time, up to 5 seconds.
Finally, you can edit with some editing tools on the Snipping Tool then save the image.

Method 2:

Capture a window showing on the screen by paint

Depending on your needs, if you want to capture the entire screen, do the following: press the Print key on the keyboard to capture.

=> Go to Start, type ” Paint ” and then select

Then press Ctrl + V to paste the photo just taken, then go to File> Save as to save the image.

Moreover, you can still capture the active window in Windows 10. By pressing Alt-Print. Windows will help you capture all your browser

Activity, then open Paint and press Ctrl + V to paste the content.

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