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If you enjoy Fall Guys, you’ll enjoy Stumble Guys! Stumble Guys APK is the Android application package that grants you access to one of the most entertaining and chaotic multiplayer games ever created. Developed by Kitka Games, this title takes inspiration from the popular battle royale genre while injecting a delightful dose of slapstick humor and hilarious mishaps. When you embark on your Stumble Guys journey, you’ll be met with a world that is as challenging as it is laugh-inducing. Get ready to have a blast with Stumble Guys!

Stumble Guys Apk

The Free Alternative to Fall Guys:

The Fall Guys video game has spawned a legion of fans of multiplayer minigames. These games enable us to engage in numerous competitions of ability and action with other players, following in the footsteps of such famous games as Mario Party. But, the Kitka Games studio comes to our rescue with a comparable game that is available for free if we lack the funds to purchase the original Fall Guys.

Multiplayer Games of Up To 32 Players:

Stumble Guys is a real-time multiplayer battle royale action game in which we’ll face each other in fun competitions with 32 players. And it is one of the best Fall Guys clones that we can find free for mobile devices.

Simply join an existing game or start your own to play. A random test will then begin. All of them bear a suspicious resemblance to those of the mythical television show Takeshi Castle (known in Spain as Yellow Humor).

Each game is made up of three tests in which some players will be classified and others will be eliminated. To get to the finish line ahead of the other players, we must conquer the challenges in our path. To get to the finish line ahead of the other players, we must overcome the challenges in our path. We already anticipate that the experience will not be easy, but it will get us more than a smile.

We simply need a jump button and a virtual joystick to maneuver around the stage while playing. Also, this button will support our planning while in the air. On the other side, we may unlock a tonne of avatars in this game as we play and succeed. If we can overcome the first hurdle! All we have to do to get started is download the APK file for free if we want to give it a try.

Why is Stumble Guys Android so Popular?

Stumble Guys Android has become incredibly popular since its release, and there are several reasons why. One of the main factors is the game’s unique blend of humor and challenge. The game is filled with hilarious moments, from watching your character stumble and fall to seeing other players get knocked out by obstacles. At the same time, the game provides a real challenge, requiring players to think quickly and react to obstacles in real time.

Another reason for the game’s popularity is its multiplayer mode. Stumble Guys Android allows players to compete against each other in real-time, adding an extra level of excitement and competition to the game.

Stumble Guys Android Requirements:

  1. Operating System: Android 5.0 or higher
  2. RAM: 2GB or more
  3. Storage: 200MB of free storage space
  4. Internet connection: Required for online gameplay

It’s also recommended to have a device with a modern processor and a high-resolution display to fully enjoy the game.

Stumble Guys IOS Requirements:

  1. Operating System: iOS 11.0 or later
  2. Device: iPhone 6s or later, iPad Air or later, iPad Mini 4 or later, iPod Touch (7th generation) or later
  3. Storage: 200MB of free storage space
  4. Internet connection: Required for online gameplay


Stumble Guys APK is an incredible and exciting rollercoaster. This smartphone game has become a hit due to its easy but tough gameplay, wide customization choices, and continual updates. Are you ready to stumble to success and join Stumble Guys’ worldwide fanbase? Download the APK, assemble your pals, and prepare for a humorous, unique experience. Stumble, laugh, and win in Stumble Guys’ crazy world!

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