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Wifi Kill APK is one of the best and most potent applications
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Jan 06, 2024
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Android 4.0

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WiFi Kill APK is one of the best and most potent applications that manage your Wi-Fi network. It is only for the Android Operating System. Rooting is also essential for it. It is a very helpful tool that deactivates other persons from the same Wi-Fi network and also assigns all the signals of the internet to yourself. When your mobile is attached to the network and Wifi Kill works then all the users of a common network believe that your smartphone is a router. That’s why all the users try to join the network through you. WiFi Kill APK can easily turn off the Wi-Fi connection of the other devices attached to the common internet.

wifi kill apk download

WiFiKill APK secures your data and only joins trusted connections. The app is also used to remove unwanted users from your home network. It works effectively by blocking and ignoring the unwanted users that join your home wifi network powerfully. It becomes very easy to pile up the information of all the wifi users and then deactivate them through hacking.

Features of WiFi Kill Pro APK:

If you want to use all the Key features of this app then your device must be rooted first

  • By using this app you can track the activity of any device
  • It is compatible with both smartphones and Tablet also
  • It can also deactivate any device connected to the common network
  • Also, shows the traffic used by the device
  • The app also gains all the signals of the internet to yourself
  • View what others are doing on the internet 
  • Kick someone off the network easily

System Requirements:

WiFi Kill Pro requires a simple setup that includes

  • A rooted device
  • Compatible with Android 4.0 or above

How To Install And Use WiFi Kill APK?

  • Download this app from the given link
  • After that, install the app
  • Open the app 
  • Search the devices that attach to the wireless wifi connection
  • The app will display the list of connected devices
  • Tap the grab button and deactivate the device
  • Click the Kill button and the device detached from the network
  • Kill the single device or all the devices at a time
  • After doing your work close the wifi killer

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