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Win this enjoyable dragon strategy game.
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Nov 16, 2023
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If you’re a fan of strategy and fantasy, Call of Dragons APK is a must-play. Set in the magical land of Tamaris, players face the looming threat of Darkness, pushing them to explore, build, and engage in epic battles to ensure the survival of their cities.

Dive into the world of Call of Dragons by selecting one of three distinct factions: humans, elves, or orcs. Each faction brings its unique aesthetics, adding a layer of diversity to the gameplay.  To conquer powerful enemies, players must harness the might of dragons and gather legendary heroes, each equipped with unique skills. These heroes play a crucial role in shaping the outcome of battles and adding depth to the overall gaming experience.

Call of Dragons APK

Key Features of Call of Dragons:

  • Multiplayer Storyline: Take a trip to Tamaris, a magical land threatened by dark forces. This immersive multiplayer experience explores, builds, and engages in epic battles.
  • Distinct Factions with Unique Aesthetics: Choose your path from three distinct factions, humans, elves, and orcs each offering unique aesthetics, adding diversity to the gameplay experience.
  • Dragon Summons and Legendary Heroes: Harness the power of dragons to combat formidable enemies and gather legendary heroes with unique skills, influencing the course of battles.
  • Dynamic 3D Battles: Experience battles that transcend traditional grounds, with terrain crucial in 3D battles. Navigate both the ground and the clouds to devise strategic tactics.
  • Developers of Rise of Kingdoms’ Second Masterpiece: CallofDragons, the second masterpiece from the developers of Rise of Kingdoms, promises a rich fantasy adventure strategy game with city-building and strategic depth.
  • Powerful Beasts and Strategic Mastery: Train and deploy powerful beasts such as Hydras, Thunder Rocs, and Dragons. Summon Wyvern Behemoths in the heat of battle to strategically conquer territories.
  • Strategic Depth with Hero Skills: Deploy heroes with powerful skills, including teleportation, invisibility, and deadly attacks. Adapt your strategy to dominate the battlefield and claim victory.
  • Fantasy Realm with Diverse Races: Traverse is a vast fantasy realm populated by three factions and various fantasy races like Satyrs, Treants, Forest Eagles, and Celestials. Explore lethal mountains, rivers, deserts, and ice fields.
  • City-Building and Empire Expansion: Build and upgrade your magical city-state, training a diverse cast of heroes and equipping them with magical artifacts. Contribute to expanding the game lore as your living city evolves.
  • Team Up and Lend A Hand: Form alliances where every member’s contribution is crucial. From the strongest soldier to the dutiful handmaid, teamwork is key to facing the challenges presented in Tamaris.
  • Visually Stunning 3D Battles: Experience visually stunning 3D battles that bring the fantasy world to life. Master the terrain, including terraced fields, waterways, and ravines, to launch powerful assaults.
  • Random Trade Quests and Mini Games: Add an element of unpredictability and excitement to your journey with random trade quests and engaging mini-games, making travels across Tamaris a dynamic and enjoyable experience.
  • Story-Driven Lore and Hero Interactions: Uncover the game’s rich lore through story-driven elements. Interact with heroes, revealing their unique stories and contributing to the overall narrative of Call of Dragons APK.
  • Strategic Alliance Contributions: Experience tangible contributions from each alliance member, making every character’s role visible and notable within the gameplay dynamics.
  • Powerful Artifacts and Hero Upgrades: Equip heroes with magical artifacts and upgrade them to turn the tide of battle. Build a diverse and powerful cast of heroes to enhance your strategic capabilities.
  • Fantasy Races and Natural Wonders: Encounter a myriad of fantasy races and awe-inspiring natural wonders as you traverse the diverse landscapes of Tamaris, adding depth and beauty to the gaming experience.
  • Unleash Behemoths in Battle: Confront mysterious and powerful Behemoths threatening peace across Tamaris. Unleash Behemoths like Hydras and Thunder Rocs in battle to bend them to your will.
  • Flying Legions and River Crossings: Deploy flying legions to traverse rivers and canyons, adding a dynamic element to your strategic deployments and wreaking havoc on your foes.
  • Upgradable Magical City-State: Upgrade, train, and expand your magical city-state to build a unique empire. Recruit heroes, interact with them, and contribute to the living city’s evolution.

How To Install Call of Dragons APK:

  • Open Google Play: Find and tap the “Play Store” on your phone’s home screen.
  • Look for Call of Dragons: Type “Call of Dragons” in the search bar and press enter.
  • Choose the Game: Pick the official game from the results and tap on it.
  • Install the Game: Press the “Install” button, and the game will download and install.
  • Start Playing: Once it’s done, tap “Open” to play Call of Dragons.

What’s New?

New Update Alert! 🚀 Version is here, updated on Dec 13, 2023.

  • Winter Holiday Fun: Enjoy special events for a festive winter vibe.
  • New Year Celebrations: Kick off the year with exciting new events.
  • Easier Success Journey: We’ve smoothed out the path to prosperity.
  • Better Combat Thrills: Experience upgraded and more exciting battles.
  • Improved Alliances: Team up with others more easily for victory!
  • Various Fixes: We’ve made other tweaks to enhance your gaming fun.


As darkness threatens to engulf Tamaris, players must rise to the occasion, summoning powerful beasts, mastering hero skills, and navigating intricate terrain to emerge victorious. Call of Dragons APK stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of multiplayer strategy games, beckoning players to shape the destiny of this enchanting realm. Answer the Call of Dragons and embark on an adventure like never before.

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