Rogue With the Dead v1.8.1 APK For Android [Unlimited money]

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Rogue with the Dead is an engaging roguelike idle strategy game offering exciting roguelike gameplay! Take on waves of enemies while collecting valuable artifacts that will strengthen your army and improve its strength.

Room6’s original game featuring graceful pixel art is an engaging journey that challenges players to build an army and defeat monsters on an endless journey that never ends! Embark upon an epic quest and defeat monsters while taking down powerful bosses!


Rogue with the Dead is a thrilling roguelike adventure with a captivating tale, a broad environment to explore, and a large cast of intriguing individuals. Rogue with the Dead lets players assemble mighty armies to defeat monsters in their environment!

Autoplay mechanisms let children watch their heroes fight each stage’s foes. This thrilling RPG may be played manually for an immersive experience!

To overcome each stage’s monster waves early in the game, players must organize their assaults. This player will drastically improve his attack damage over time.

After mastering the game’s basics, players may level up their hero and assemble a strong army. Levelling up requires collecting materials from each dungeon; the more resources contained, the higher the level.

New weapons and abilities unlock as your hero levels up, strengthening their army. As they gain strength, they can beat their enemies faster and more decisively.

Rogue with the Dead’s pixel visuals and fight plot set it apart from other roguelikes for those who want a peaceful yet fun game.

Users without access may get OneSoft Studio games from its website or Google Play Store for Android. After downloading, users may transfer the content wirelessly or via USB.


Rogue with the Dead revives roguelikes with beautiful pixel visuals and clever gameplay. Each step puts an army of soldiers closer to their objective as they go through the Demon Lord’s stronghold. Be patient and persistent. If a soldier dies, their money or goods won’t return, but they may be utilized to enhance your army and boost your chances of success.

Players may choose from several warriors with different strengths and disadvantages. Sworders are durable enough to defend military personnel, while rangers strike from afar. Pigmies move rapidly in close quarters. Each troop class has pros and downsides that must be weighed while designing war plans. Healers, summoners, and magicians may be recruited to their squad.

Players can collect artifacts that increase Sworders’ assault rate, protect magicians, or allow them to create massive armies or cast more spells as they progress. These are essential when facing powerful monsters and bosses.

Enjoy limitless enjoyment while on the edge of your seat with this game! The best method to develop and strengthen your army is to gain gold by performing missions, slaying monsters, or exploring vast dungeons. Buy upgrades to combat stronger monsters and demons with money or get free gold by viewing advertisements or buying in-game products.

God Mode:

The game has a compelling story: the Demon Lord wants to attack your land. You must lead and empower fighters individually to avoid this.

You must complete difficult quests and kill armies of creatures to achieve this. Your assault damage will rise rapidly as you battle, and artifacts may boost your army.

Before choosing a soldier, you must learn their combat strengths and weaknesses. Sworders have excellent endurance and can withstand enemy strikes and shield other troops, but their restricted range makes them less effective against near opponents than more distant attackers.

Upgrade your warriors’ armor and weaponry to battle harder and beat harder modes. Collect goods and money from vanquished creatures often. With enough money, you may unlock heroes and expand your army.

This game lets you chose your route and experience it differently from roguelikes. You may try strengthening troops and clearing dungeons fast or gathering treasure and slaying many monsters to determine your best strategy.

Dead Cells’ original gameplay and high-quality pixel visuals have made it a worldwide sensation. It earns rave reviews across platforms and near-perfect ratings on foreign review sites, even topping lists! Must-play for genre aficionados!

Enhanced Graphics:

A roguelike idle strategy game, Rogue with the Dead pits players against horrible enemies and perilous chambers. The unique fighting system enables them employ flexible assault movements to progressively raise the complexity while giving swordsmen, rangers, pigmy magicians, etc. Each character has pros and drawbacks in combat, therefore they must choose a team before each fight.

Gameplay is quick, fun, and simple to learn, with gorgeous pixel art visuals. In idle mode, players may earn cash and level up troops, acquire rare goods and fight harder monsters to advance, compete against other teams for the greatest online scores, and more!

Due to its unique gameplay and stunning graphics, Room6’s Rogue with the Dead is thrilling. Any action lover should experience its gripping plot with twists and turns that keep players on the edge of their seat, with uncomplicated controls that let players choose which character to control by pushing a button on the left side of the screen!

Rogue with the Dead is a free-to-play game with in-game purchases like gold and gems to unlock heroes like Pigmy and Magician, upgrade their power, buy weapons equipment upgrades, and other promotions. Rogue With the Dead’s pixel-art visuals and catchy soundtrack make it fun for all ages and devices.

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