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Subway Surfer APK Download for Android | Latest Version 2023

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Subway Surfer APK is a video game that never ends.  In this game, the character runs on the railway track by stealing gold coins, power ups for example power jumper, coin magnet, jetpack and many other things across the whole way and is chased by a dog and a n inspector. You can use a hoverboa rd to run away if caught by the inspector till the character hits a hurdle, train or caught by the inspector again. There are 5 power ups in the game that includes power jumper, super sneaker, jetpack, coin magnet, and 2X multiplier.  

Subway Surfer APK Download

Game play:

Subway Surfer Online starts by touching the screen and the character starts running. The inspector and dog chase the character and the player swipes up, down, left and right to avoid it from the hurdles, moving trains and tunnel walls etc. If a smash occurs and the game is over then use a key to continue the game. The speed of the game increases as the point increases. A player collects a coin magnet, jetpack, power jumper, mystery boxes etc during the game. 

In Subway Surfer APK, the coin magnet attracts the gold coins. Jetpack has the capacity to fly. The 2X multiplier multiplies the score and the super sneaker has the capability to jump high. You can also unlock different characters by using keys, gold coins, collecting specific things and connecting with Facebook. Each character has at least two outfits.

Features of Subway Surfers Apk:

  • Game has more than 40 levels along with different challenges
  • Amusing and energetic characters are available 
  • As the speed increases the hurdles also increases
  • Unlock different characters 
  • Also unlock the outfits of characters using keys 
  • Play the game either online or offline.


  • It requires Android Operating Systems 5+
  • Size of game is 174.5 MB

How To Install Subway Surfers APK Download?

  • Open the from your device
  • Search the subway surfer
  • Download and install it 
  • Now start playing the game and enjoy

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