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SuperSu APK is a wonderful Android app that lets you manage and enjoy the benefits of all the rooted apps available on your Smartphone. It’s a free licensed version. The app also confirms whether either device is rooted or not. It allows the user to take over full control of their Smartphone. Furthermore, to take benefit of those apps that are only for UnRoot devices, this app can UnRoot your device temporarily or for a short time. SuperSU makes this process user-friendly and secure. Once installed, it acts as a gatekeeper, managing root permissions for apps on your device. You can easily grant or deny root access to specific applications, ensuring your device’s security while enjoying the benefits of rooting. SuperSU Apk DownloadSuperSU APK is a safe, simple, and very efficient app that performs its tasks effectively. Moreover, it is free from viruses, malware, adware, worms, etc. The app is available in many different languages for the convenience of the public. This app is particularly for Android devices. It also roots the Android phone. If your device is in healing mode, don’t panic the app will settle this problem. It acts as a security guard for your phone.


  • Unroot the Smartphone for a short time only
  • Unroot the Android device permanently.
  • Run in ghost mode also
  • Change into the system apps
  • Logging of superuser access
  • Prompt of superuser access
  • Select the themes of your own choice 
  • Notifications of superuser access
  • Select the invisible icons also
  • Its most important feature is the deep process detection

What’s New?

  1. Fixes the bugs also 
  2. Free from viruses and worms
  3. Remove the broken filters also
  4. Many improvements have taken place

How to install it?

  1. Visit the from your Android 
  2. Then, download the SuperSU Pro APK app
  3. Open the download files and install the app click the install button
  4. After installing the app, let’s start it
  5. A box will appear and say “The SU binary needs to update?” Click the “Continue” tab
  6. Then, click the “Normal” button 
  7. Take a few minutes to install the updates
  8. Restart your device 
  9. Update the latest version of SuperSU.


SuperSU APK is a valuable tool for managing rooted Android devices. It provides control over root permissions, allowing users to easily grant or deny access to specific apps. The app offers the flexibility to temporarily or permanently unroot devices and runs in ghost mode for added security. With features like theme selection, invisible icons, and deep process detection, SuperSU ensures a seamless user experience. It is virus-free, available in multiple languages, and regularly updated with bug fixes and improvements. The installation process is straightforward, making it an efficient choice for users looking to optimize their rooted devices.

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